About Us

Our success story in the Austrian fund market

Founded in 1998, KEPLER has quickly become one of the important fund managers in Austria. Currently we are one of the top 4 among 21 Austrian investment companies. Assets under management have been growing rapidly and as of November 2016 we are responsible for EUR 13,87 billions invested in 134 funds. Our service covers mutual as well as institutional fund management. The business area “portfolio management” completes our wide field of activity in Austria and Germany. Our customers benefit from a team of about 91 experienced employees.




Chief Executives

Andreas Lassner-Klein, Dr. Robert Gründlinger, MBA and Dr. Michael Bumberger


Dir. Lassner-Klein   Dr. GruendlingerBumberger






Europaplatz 1a
4021 Linz
Tel.: +43(0)732/6596-25314
Fax: +43(0)732/6596-25319
E-Mail: info@kepler.at

 The KEPLER-FONDS KAG established for investor complaints an effective and transparent procedure:


Pfeil Procedures for handling investor complaints



  • Asset Management since 1991, as a department of the Raiffeisen Landesbank Oberösterreich
    Investment Company since 1998
  • Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG (64 %)
  • OÖ Landesbank AG-Hypo (26 %)
  • OÖ Versicherung AG (10 %)
Market Position
  • One of the top 4 Austrian investment companies
  • Assets under management: about EUR 13,96 billions.
Our range of products

Mutual funds

We offer individual concepts to come up to your personal expectations. Our comprehensive range of mutual funds provides each type of investor a suitable solution - from fixed income funds to balanced funds as well as profit-yielding equity funds.

Detailed information about our wide range of funds is only a mouse-click away: Prices and Performance

Portfolio management

  • Financial planning for your assets: a special offer for investments over EUR 75.000.
  • Individual and professional asset management for demanding investors.

Institutional funds

  • Solutions - especially adapted for institutional investors
  • Fund management according to your conditions and principles
  • Investment meetings with personal reporting
  • Password protected internet-access

As one of the first Austrian investment companies KEPLER meets globally accepted Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) that guarantees a uniform, fair and comparable demonstration of our performance and a complete transparency on a company wide basis.

For further information on our products please contact us. E-Mail: info@kepler.at

Risk Advice and Exclusion of Liability

This document represents a marketing announcement, which has been prepared by KEPLER-FONDS KAG purely for information purposes. It was not drawn up subject to adherence to the statutory regulations for the promotion of independent financial analyses and is not subject to the trading ban following the dissemination of financial analyses. This marketing announcement neither represents investment advice, nor an offer or invitation to place a quotation for the purchase or sale of financial instruments or investments. The information, analyses and forecasts that the document contains are based on the knowledge available and an assessment of the market at the time it was prepared, pending changes and additions. KEPLER-FONDS KAG assumes no liability for the correctness, actuality and completeness of the contents or for the fulfilment of forecasts. The contents are non-binding and do not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. As every investment decision requires individual harmonisation with the personal circumstances of the investor (e.g. readiness to accept risk), this information does not replace personal consulting and risk clarification by an account manager in the course of an advisory discussion. It is expressly pointed out that financial instruments and investment both involve considerable risks. Statements concerning value development relate to the past and therefore do not represent a reliable indicator of future trends. In the case of non-euro investments, currency fluctuations may either increase or reduce the returns from value development. Tax obligations may result from the investment, which are dependent upon the respective, personal circumstances of the customer and future changes. Accordingly, this information cannot substitute the individual advice of the investor by a tax consultant. In the case of non-residents for tax purposes, exemption from taxation in Austria does not involve an exemption in the country of residence. Value development is determined using the Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG method on the basis of the published net asset values. Attention is expressly drawn to the fact that the composition of fund assets can alter in conformity with the statutory regulations. The current sales brochure and important investor information (customer information document) are available in German from KEPLER-FONDS KAG, Europaplatz 1a, A-4020 Linz, at the counter and under www.kepler.at. Detailed information regarding risks and the exclusion of liability is available under www.kepler.at


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